Why are American's fat??


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We all are wired differently. What works for one person may not work for another. I can tell you that when starting a diet, aka from here forward: a healthy lifestyle change, many things can sabotage your success. Like:


1. The wrong diet foods. Pre-packaged food, allowing you to eat the same types of food as you normally do, will sooner or later get you in trouble. Your cravings will increase because your taste buds haven't been modified...….next thing you know you are back to eating the same sized meals as before. The main reason pre-packaged food works is because of the portion size.


2. Sweat/yoga/stretch pants. Start wearing the proper sized clothes and tighten that belt a little to make you uncomfortable enough to maintain discipline. Buy 1 or 2 sizes smaller and try on each morning while visualizing yourself in those smaller clothes. Keep adjusting your clothes size until you reach your goal.


3. This next saying has sabotaged me more than once... "don't weigh yourself and just look in the mirror for the change". Man I tell ya....either my mirrors are from the carnival funhouse or my eyes deceive me, because that has always tricked me. Weigh yourself 3 times a day. Adjust continuously until those digits start moving south.


4. Adopting an exercise program to accelerate results.

We have 4 different plans with multiple variations to follow. Every one of the plans consists of eating foods from the earth. The plans vary depending on how Extreme you would like to be with the amount of weight you would like to lose. This is a highly disciplined program and we always insist you consult a doctor. We also find it extremely ironic that people aren't told to consult a doctor before consuming all of America's processed food....but either way make sure you go to a doc and ask permission.

  • 1. The Turtle: This plan eases you into a healthy lifestyle change at a very slow pace. This is for the person who is simply just not wanting to go cold turkey but still wants to lose weight
  • 2. The Slacker: This plan still allows you some luxuries on the SAD....Standard American Diet. It's slower but still effective.
  • 3. The Caveman: Obviously paleo.
  • 4. The Flush: As in the name this will melt fat off you at a very high speed. Average is 1 pound or close to 1 pound a day. It's for the person who is sick and tired of being sick and tired, and has had a moment of clarity, realizing they need this now. It takes extreme discipline and willpower and isn't for the faint of heart....but it works wonders.

Don’t beat yourself up, it's not your fault.  You can't change a tire with an ice scraper. You picked the wrong tool for the job. The classical health and fitness facility just doesn’t work.  That works for about 5% of the population. The rest of us mere mortals need help which we have in over-flowin a-b-u-n-d-a-n-c-e!

Going to a typical "healthclub" to get in shape is comparable to getting internet on a flip phone.  It can be done, but man it ain't easy. How many times have you walked into the gym with a workout plan in mind only to hit the steam room early. Hopefully I am not the only one. The missing link to your success is a 3 fold problem.

  • Problem #1: Unless you enjoy... and I mean absolutely love, your exercise routine (running like a rat on a wheel or bicep flexing in the mirror) you will someday soon lose interest and quit doing it. There must be a mind/body connection. You need a purpose and a goal... and someone to keep you on track and help get you there. And lets be honest, weight lifting and running are about as fun as watching paint dry. 🙂
  • Guaranteed money back solution to Problem #1: Every man wants it, every woman needs it. Mixed Martial Arts for fitness/self defense. The ULTIMATE mind/body connection. Lose the FLAB, get those muscles TONED/JACKED. Regain the FLEXIBILITY, BLAST your CARDIO. Our classes are safe and are for everyone. We have members from ages 3 to 67. Our ascension program takes you through an easy step by step process tailoring a program to fit your specific needs and goals. We understand the fear of trying something new and that sometimes paralyzing feeling of looking stupid. So we make sure your comfort level is at the highest level possible. This revolutionary program will take you through as fast or as slow as you want to go, erasing all your fears, getting you in the best shape of your life while learning cutting edge self defense.
  • Problem #2: With you being your own coach and motivator, it's darn near impossible to push yourself into developing good habits. Every athlete who is successful has a coach. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky and Peyton Manning all have coaches and so should you. Let us be your coach! We will create a program for you based on your interests and ability level that is guaranteed to keep you motivated and excited to come to class!
  • Guaranteed money back solution to Problem #2: We are your coach, let us know your goals and we will make sure you reach them. Our simple yet effective 4 point success system will ensure that you come to class. After a few short lessons you will feel the change. Your confidence will boost knowing that the self defense you are learning is “the real deal.” Pretty soon your significant other will be pushing you out the door to class because you are getting in shape and you are less stressed (what spouse wouldn’t want that!) Other activities just won't seem as fun because they aren’t giving you the same life changing results. Now, I am a skeptic by nature, and if you are like me you're probably saying “yeah right, what color is the sky in your world?!” Well, its blue! That is why I'm offering you 30 days free and an ironclad 63 day money back guarantee! If you try us out for 63 days and aren’t happy for any reason, we refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked.
  • Problem #3: Diet… as you get older you really have to clean up your diet. When you get into your 30s and 40s you can exercise all day long and still gain weight if you are eating the SAD (standard American diet). But what should you be eating?? We will sit down with you and work out a meal plan that works specifically for you! You can tailor your diet based on your food preferences and lifestyle!
  • Guaranteed money back solution for Problem #3: We have so many different ways to eat that will shed those unwanted pounds, literally anyone can do it. It takes about 100 days to break a bad habit or develop a new one that sticks. We have many different programs so it might take a couple of weeks to find one that you are comfortable incorporating into your life. That’s what we specialize in though, finding something that works that will help you succeed. You can change, do it now. Conquer this year, make it your own. Don’t be a slave to the same 'ol same 'ol. Call or text 952-457-7743, opt in to this website, morse code, smoke signal, drive by and throw a rock, do anything and everything to claw your way to our door over broken glass with bare knees for your own personal success story!

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The more out of shape you are the better. We want people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. The people who have tried everything. If you  have exhausted all options and have almost given up...….Keep reading.....this is for you!!

Height and weight chart from the 1950's. Times have changed and America has gotten fat.